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Serial Number For Duplicate Email Remover sirhayl




So if i have many duplicates how should I do this? should I remove them from one table and create an other table or something else? thanks, Ad A: The best way to do this is to have a query that lists all the unique email addresses: SELECT DISTINCT email FROM Table1; Now you can use this as a basis for a join query: DELETE Table1.* FROM Table1 INNER JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT email FROM Table1 ) ids ON =; This is more efficient than removing them one at a time (assuming there are not a large number of duplicate email addresses). I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. I've been reading other threads regarding this and I can see from the looks of some of them that a few players have been moving through the system okay. I came up through the system when I was a mid-high, I believe the top 50th or 60th. I've been level 77 since being released back in June. So I'm seeing people do some good speedrunning and have no problems whatsoever. I've been trying to spend some money to go through the system on a few occasions, but I was constantly being sent to the cash shop. I got to level 68 or something, got the money and had to go back to the cash shop again, each time I got near level 70. When I was in the top 50 or 60 I got an 84 day account and could get whatever freebies I wanted. Then I was in the top 50th or 60th I got an 84 day account as well, and I couldn't get any freebies. I was told I'd get them when I was promoted to top 10th. I'm getting a bit frustrated as well. I've been having a look at the speedruns at the game's speedrunning competition and everyone in the top 50 or 60 is getting a freebie in some form. I don't want to join another account and then have to get a freebie, that's too much work. I want my freebies as soon as I get promoted. So is it not possible to get a freebie when you've been promoted or did I




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Serial Number For Duplicate Email Remover sirhayl

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